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First off, I am not Michael Serpent. My name is Maria, or 'greengrassbitch' to whom he might have referred to in some of his earlier entries. I... I don’t quite know how to tell you this, but I bring sad news. Very sad news.

Michael gave me the passwords to his LJ for one reason only. He wanted me to deliver you the message that... That he is no longer with us. I am crying as I write this, so I beg for your forgiveness if my language isn’t as good as it should be. He was my best friend, my working collegue and practically my brother. This was his last remaining wish, and I am fulfilling it now.

He told me to tell you (and now I'm translating his Finnish speech): "Even the most courageous of people can sometimes end up falling. Maria, remember to tell them that I did not make suicide. Tell them the truth... Tell them that I was very ill to begin with. Tell them that the war against my illness has finally been waged. And it is obvious now, which one of us has won."

He continued: "Tell Ines that I love her very, very much. Tell her that I love her so fucking much, love her more than anyone else in this godforsaken world. Tell her that I will watch over her, and I will keep on loving her, even though I am no longer here in this world. Tell her that I will get angry at her, very angry and sad, if she tries to do anything to hurt herself. Tell her to smile, tell her to keep on smiling no matter how much it hurts, no matter if her smile is a fake one instead of real. Tell her to be strong, always strong, for herself, and for me, too."

Now, Ines, whoever you are, I hope you received these words. Michael was maniacal about having them delivered. He spoke of you all the time, and even though I never learned who you really are, it was obvious to me that he had fallen in love with you.

To K: He has left no word for you here, since everything that had to be said, was said when you saw him the one last time. *hugs*

To ’Charlie’: ”There are no words to describe how much our friendship meant for me, although it has been a very long time since I last had the pleasure of talking to you. Forgive me, but I was not strong enough in the end. You were often my inspiration, and always in my thoughts. Take care, whatever it then may cost you.”

And to everyone else here in LJ: He tells you to ”keep on writing, as the fantasy world is one of the rare safe havens for us in this cruel and cold world. As long as diving into it gives you comfort and pleasure, just remember to do it.”

Michael said he won’t let me publish the remaining chapters of his stories Golden Snitch and Milk Is My Sugar. They will both remain unfinished. The rights to these stories he has left to Rotschopf. Exclusively.

Now I’m about finished here. My hands are trembling, and I don’t know if I have translated his speech well enough for anybody to understand. If you have questions, just comment on this entry. I will not reply to questions which I consider none of anybody’s but Michael’s business, but I’m sure he would be happy to know if at least some of you will always remember him with warmth and respect.

Finally, I have decided to include words from Michael’s favourite song, HIM’s ’The Path’. He was very fond of this song, and listened to it till the very end.

There is no turning back
From this unending path of mine
Serpentine and black
It stands before my eyes
To hell and back
It will lead me once more
It's all I have as I stumble in and out of grace

I see through the darkness
My way back home
The journey seems endless
But I'll carry on
The shadows will rise
And they will fall
And our night drowns in dawn


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I got in trouble with rotschopf again. Should have known better than to ask her for the Interview Meme.

Interview Meme is something like this...

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Now... You'll never guess what Rotschopf asked me. Or maybe you will. Umm...

- - -

1. Are you a top or a bottom?

What kind of question is this, honestly. Shame on you, Drow. You already know the answer, you dirty bitch, and you just want to humiliate me. But guess what, I'll refuse to be humiliated, and am proud to say that I, uh, bottom. Mostly.

2. Which pairing in HP would you never read and why?

Would never, ever read... Hm. If we're talking about reasonable couples (Firenze/Umbridge goes for laughs), I'd say Harry/Luna (Is there anything so boring?) and Hermione/Draco (The horror, the horror!). Notice my dislike for heterosexual pairings... Hmm, and also Remus/Draco disturbs me a great deal. I just can't get the kicks out of it.

3. What qualities are you looking for in a lover?

Witty, sporty and... enduring... ;) Also needs to understand sarcasm and humour. Oh, and most importantly, knows how to use his/hers assets creatively.

4. Why did you want to be interviewed by me?

You're the only one in this universe who could possibly come up with reasonable and amusing questions. And because I love you.

5. If you had only one day to live, what would you do?

I'd find myself a good-looking girl (or several) and make her/them pregnant with my child.

There it was. Now you can kill me.

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I have sent GS 31 to rotschopf the Drow. It will be out early next month.

For those who have asked about Hailie Malfoy, she'll emerge again in chapter 33 or 34.

I probably should continue MIMS as well. Let's see what I can do for it.


Some snippets:
"How exciting!" Pansy was so enchanted she was not far from falling out of her seat into Hermione’s lap. "Was it a long battle?"
Hermione raised her chin haughtily. "I know everything."
Draco dismissed the disturbing idea of Voldemort gurgling in a bloody heap on Malfoy Manor’s most expensive oriental carpet.
Draco bowed his head, his fingers reaching to scratch the sleeve where it was covering his Dark Mark. "What exactly is happening to me?"
"Surprises?" Harry felt a growing sense of dread. "What are you talking about?"
"You will recognize this letter as a key to the Fidelius Charm placed upon your parents' grave." Snape sighed. "I am their current Secret Keeper."
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Hello you mortal ones...

I have happy(?) news: Golden Snitch chapter 31 is ready for my beta reader(s)... I'm thinking of asking Drow to check it out. I warn you it will be long and maybe boring (since it's supposed to explain some things that will happen in the future chapters) but I hope you find courage to read it. There's something about Draco's worsening condition, as well (unless my betas advice me to cut the chapter shorter and move the Draco-stuff in the next one).

I've been trying to get myself back among the living, and I'm gradually succeeding.

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I know I promised to be here more often, but unfortunately I can't. I've been assigned to a mission which prevents me from being in the net several days at a time, even weeks. In fact, I'm afraid I can't update any of my stories in a long, long time. Even this message is short, for I have to run. I only have this one morning home today, and I have loads of things to do (among other things spend time with K). So... We'll see when we'll see again.

Love you, still. That won't change.


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I've been neglecting all of you again, haven't I? Well, some good news: I got a new job. Which means, when it starts next month, I'll get more time to write fanfiction and talk to you people again, because this job is daytime job and I'll be home every evening (unlike before).

I know I've been terrible at updating my stories. Be assured, however, that I won't abandon the stories. It's just the lack of time (and sometimes motivation) that have kept me from uploading new chapters. I hope the situation will gradually improve.

I've also been terrified about the Asian Tsunami. My cousin's best friend lost his entire family, meaning his parents, 3 sisters and brothers, their husbands and wives and 5 children, as well as 4 friends. He was the only one who survived... I can understand when he says he wants to die, as well. He went back to Khao Lak to bring home his mother's body (the only one that was found, and even that one hanging from a palm tree with her other arm cut off) although he was scared shitless. I knew the guy a little, too. I've spent many silent moments, and I still cannot understand how something like this can happen. Well. K says it's just that when there are too many people habiting this planet, the Mother Earth has to do something about it. Well, yeah. And here I thought it was my job to be the cynical one...

Big hugs to rainbower! I'm sorry I haven't been around. How are you?

And what about you, my dear rotschopf? Did you have birthday yesterday? That's what I heard anyway, so... if that's the case, I should probably offer you some congratulations, love. :)

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Groggy morning,

I went to see Alexander yesterday night. I must say, I'm totally in love... or just pathetically horny. Everyone knows Colin Farrell isn't a bad-looking guy, but when you picture him shagging Jared Leto... Well, what can I say? Uh... Now don't get me wrong. There were many other things I liked about the movie as well. Although it was rather too long, and lacked something important in the storyline, I cannot help but like it. Again, blame Farrell and Leto for it... or maybe Gary Stretch and Francisco Bosch too. Now you wonder what were the 'many other things' I liked about the movie? Hmm. Well. I wonder the same thing, myself.


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I'm drunk (again) and rotschopf is talking dirty with me in ICQ. Someone please tell her she's quite impossible and if she doesn't stop I'll release my boyfriend's mother (who doesn't yet know about his son being gay) at her.

I am trying to be a decent boy, really. But what can you expect, with friends like the Drow? I'm spoiled for others. And I really shouldn't touch another beer.


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Evening my friends,

I'm not sure if anyone will read this since I've been away such a long time and nobody remembers me anymore, but I still feel I should write this. I know, I have been a terrible person lately (in the last 6 months or so) for not having a)been around, b)updated, c)read let alone reviewed any of your updates and d)done anything remotely sensible except working as a fucking pathetic shopkeeper. There it goes: I am full of self-loathing and I feel I am the most insignificant being on this sordid planet.

I am working on MIMS and GS though. I know what's going to happen next, I just can't get the words on the screen. But I guess I'm not the first to suffer from the lack of motivation? I'd much rather read at the moment, to be honest. Something humorous and sexy and even (heaven forbid) fluff.

I am listening to HIM and drinking beer. One more reason to feel pathetic, for I seem to do nothing else nowadays when I have free time. *sigh* Anyone can cheer me up? Anyone seen my muse? Return it quickly, please.

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